Dental implants is one of the surgical operations that are spreading lately and for many reason. It is considered as a way to compensate the missing teeth and is very effective since it doesn’t affect the other teeth and surrounding tissues

Dental implants is one of the surgical operations that are spreading lately and for many reason. It is considered as a way to compensate the missing teeth and is very effective since it doesn’t affect the other teeth and surrounding tissues. Dental implants in Turkey depends on replacing the root with titanium made supports and to ensure the success of the operation, doctor’s advice must be followed. There are many satisfied patients who went under these operations and found it very helpful.

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Types of Dental Implants in Turkey:

  1. Implants over the bones: happens with one step, where implants are inserted inside the bone structure within the tissues of the gum on the jaw bones. The implant is visible from the gum to complete the procedure, having the merit to be able to hold whole dentures safely for people who don’t have a high enough bone structure.
  2. Implants inside the bones: Over two stages where it is implanted directly in the jaw bones as a replacement to dental bridges and removable dentures. Comes with multiple types like nail, cylinder, and plain implant.
  3. Implants over two stages: The first stage is to put the implant inside the tissues and the bone under it then closing the cut to protect the implant and leaving the surrounding area to heal. The gum is later opened in the place of the implant to put the final piece of support and installing the final tooth.
  4. One stage implants: putting a relatively long implant that bulges out of the gum and then after healing a support with crown without any additional surgical operation is put. This considered a nonsurgical implant and can be done over two stages as previously mentioned.
  5. Small teeth implants: depends on a small implant with smaller size for faster healing, therefore the doctor doesn’t have to open the gum since this operation uses a screw that is implanted in the bone leaving a small hall in the gum to heal quickly. This is considered to be one of the traditional operations.
  6. Immediate implants: Depends on a certain size and bone density to plant with a surgical operation, then a crown is added after a short period of time. Those cases are chosen very carefully and happen with one operation.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

  • Dental implants are considered a permanent solution that lasts long giving an almost natural tooth better than other alternatives which makes chewing hard.
  • The operation helps pronunciation improvement since it considers the shape of the tooth, length, and positioning.
  • Helps make the general appearance of the mouth better and restores it vitality giving high self-confidence to the patient after the operation.
  • Teeth are known to be very sensitive, if one is damaged then the others are in danger of being damaged as well. So the implant helps saving the other teeth as well.
  • One of the benefits of doing a dental implant in Turkey is the cost which is nearly half as much it is in other countries since Turkey is always known for quality on budget giving such services with competitive prices.
  • Also, there are many modern dental clinics and centers with cutting edge technology and experienced medical crews.

Dangers of Dental Implants:

The dental implants have some dangers that can be identified as follows:

  1. Requires a long period of time, between 3 to 6 months and even 9 months, which could hurt the patient.
  2. Some conditions are a must to have like certain bone volume and density so it doesn’t benefit all the patients.
  3. Some implications might occur like damage to surrounding teeth and nerve inflammations, wound healing lengthy time, bleedings. Such implications happen in 5 to 10% of the time.
  4. Healing might take up from 3 to 18 months.
  5. Requires local anesthesia because it is painful.
  6. Implants in the upper jaw might affect the sinuses.
  7. Might damage the nerves and give feelings of stings or numbness in the natural teeth and can be felt in the lips and chin.

Is there pain after the Dental Implant?

The operation is not easy and doesn’t make the patient feel pain while under operation since anesthesia is used, but after it is gone the teeth start to ache which might last for 10 days. If the pain persists further more then there might be infections or inflammations.

If there is still pain after 3 months of the operation, then it might be due to the following implications:

  • Sensitivity and non responsivity to treatment.
  • Damage and inflammations in nerves and tissues.
  • The area of implant doesn’t receive enough blood.
  • The body might reject the plant.
  • The implant is not compatible with the volume and density of the bone.

All these implications should be considered and the patient should consult his doctor when any of it occur.

Stages of Dental Implant with Images:

  1. Stabilizing the implant inside the bone
  2. Bone-Implant cohesion
  3. Inserting the support
  4. Installing the crown or artificial to

Dental Implants for Children:

Many questions are asked about children and the possibility to do dental implants for them. Well, this depends on the age of the child since doctors point out that dental implants are for adults and should not be done for children below 10 years of age. After puberty, a set of examinations can be done with taking intra-sectional rays to ensure the volume and density of the bone is correct. Then, the correct operation is chosen for the child and on another hand the crowns for the adults are totally different from those made for children because the growth of teeth depends on the age as well as the growth of the facial structure. This difference requires the same when choosing the material and the shape of the teeth to be implanted.

As for alternatives to dental implants for children before puberty, a spacing conservative can be installed to prevent the teeth from pushing towards the empty space and external teeth can be put, but not inside the bone since it’s growing. 

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