Do you want to have uniform aligned teeth that look well and nice?you need to do orthodontics in Turkey. Why Turkey? This article will help you to know more about the cheapest orthodontics

Do you want to have uniform aligned teeth that look well and nice? Do you feel shy when smiling because of incompatible teeth formation? Do you want to improve the appearance of your face to suit your features having flawless lips without overlapping teeth?

If you have any of these issues, then you need to do orthodontics in Turkey. Why Turkey? This article will help you to know more about the cheapest orthodontics:

Orthodontics is an important branch of dentistry concerned with the correctness, alignment and straightness of teeth. It helps the teeth avoiding the erosion from adding teeth crowns, caps and porcelain shells or other composites.

Through orthodontics, a constant pressure is applied on teeth to push it gradually from its current place to the correct and perfect position after a time period.

Types of Orthodontics:

1) Transparent Orthodontics:

Made out of plastic and ceramics having a color like that of the teeth, it is unnoticeable because of its transparency, and it is not noticeable when eating or talking, and it doesn’t affect the pronunciation. This type is considered the most common.

  • On another hand, the transparent orthodontics don’t fit well with teeth that are overlapping to a complex degree or dental crowding problems since such type doesn’t have the proper strength to press the teeth. It also requires high level of care and doesn’t suit grinding all kinds of food.
  •  Adding to that, the high cost of this type is considered a problem and it has to be done on the hands of an experienced doctor who is specialized in the field.

2) Mobile orthodontics:

Made out of lightweight plastic base that is comfortable and fixed with metal wiring to fix and tighten the teeth to a certain point. It’s mounted after removing the conventional orthodontics to keep the teeth in place without pulling the teeth too much.

It is known for:               

o   Used for 6 months up to a year according to doctor’s recommendations.

o   Ease of use, installation, removal and cleaning.

o   Could be worn for few hours during sleep.

There are two types for mobile orthodontics:

  • Made out of transparent or colored plastic on the shape of the upper or lower jaw. Easy to use and clean.
  •   Made out of metal on the shape of the upper or lower jaw. The doctor fixes it on the frontal side of the teeth.

3) Fixed Braces behind the Teeth:

Made out of Stainless-steel, and installed after the removal of the basic orthodontics. 

  •  Its Advantages:

o   Takes it place behind the teeth to keep them stable, and can’t be felt.

o   Hidden so it doesn’t create situation of discomfort.

o   Doesn’t affect speaking and pronunciation.

o   Hard to break and can’t be lost because it’s attached strongly to the teeth.

  •    It also has some disadvantages:

o   The process is long and complex and takes a whole hour to put the braces in place.

o   Cleaning the teeth in the area of the braces is hard and the area becomes weaker and more susceptible to having germs issues and inflammations.

o   High cost to fix the braces.

o   Can lead to wounds in the mouth and tongue if broken.

o   Consuming sugary foods and soda beverages could break down the wiring of it.

4)Ceramic Orthodontics:

Using ceramic materials that has the same color as teeth, they are pillars of support to the teeth connected by a thin metal wiring barely visible between the teeth since the color is close to that of ceramics on teeth.

Method of Installing Orthodontics:

There are few steps to know about installing the orthodontics:

1) First, the mouth is opened using jaw opener tool, so it is ready to install the pillars of support.

2) The metal, plastic, or ceramic pillars are installed using suitable adhesive with the shape of the teeth and the type of the braces.

3) Then, the pillars are connected together with a metal wire so the wide teeth can push closer to each other.

4) Also, the teeth are pulled in a manner that fixes the misalignments and overlapping. This step is dependent on the patient and their response because pulling and tightening the braces monthly depends on the type of the braces as well.

5) Later, the little stabilizing helpers are removed which play a role in stabilizing the teeth in their new position.

6) Finally, the teeth are left so they take their final shape and form getting the desired outcome.

The Qualifications for Orthodontics:

A)  The doctor checks the patient and his condition for the right case.

B)   Doing examinations and scan images alongside testing.

C)   Teeth cleaning so the doctor can easily identify the right angle for installation and how to deal with deviant teeth.

D)  If there are inflammations, it’s is better to treat them before doing the procedure.

Benefits of Orthodontics:

1. Turkey is considered to be the right choice because it offers quality for money, and competitive prices. Also, offering low cost for travel and stay.

2. The doctors have good reputation in the field and the centers have new technology.

3.  Improving the general appearance and fixing the deformations of the jaws and teeth due to certain illnesses which gives the patient confidence and comfort.

4.   Reducing the pain of dental crowding.

5.  Treating prognathy.

The Negatives of Orthodontics:

§  Feeling pain and discomfort

§  Inflammations in tongue nerves.

§  Gum Diseases.

§  Resorption of teeth.

 Cost of Orthodontics:

The cost for orthodontics relies on the type and the place where the operation is being performed. The cost of the procedure doesn’t differ much between state hospitals and other dental clinics.

Common Questions about Teeth Shells:

1.  What is the right age for orthodontics?

  There is no particular age to install teeth braces, because there is a special type for young children. There is also another for old people and they both depend on the condition, deformation, pronunciation problems, teeth grinding, as well as the spaces between the teeth and misalignments or teeth overlapping where this procedure is needed.

2.  Can the braces be removed?

  Sure, it is removable but it depends on the type. For example, the transparent type made from silicon can be removed at night, also this is dependent on the time of treatment and doctors’ recommendation.

See below the types of dental orthodontics and their cost.

Metallic transparent orthodontics

Plastic transparent braces

Finally, the colors of orthodontics are transparent, white, black, yellow, brown, and green.

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