A slim, graceful, fat-free body has become the dream of every man and woman, since beauty and the ideal weight are a source of comfort and self-confidence.

A slim, graceful, fat-free body has become the dream of every man and woman, since beauty and the ideal weight are a source of comfort and self-confidence. More likely, it is known that sports and a harsh diet are not a solution to lose weight rapidly. In that case, weight loss operations come as one of the quick medical solutions to solve Obesity problem, conducted through a number of surgeries performed by highly experienced doctors in centers equipped with the latest technologies, used to avoid any damage or side effects.

In our article, you will know about the main weight loss surgeries and their costs, in addition to all the side effects accompanying them before you go through such an experience.

What is Bariatric Surgery (or weight Loss Surgery?)

It is a process carried out through a set of modern procedures of weight loss which help get rid of the excessive fat in the body, as well as reducing the size of the stomach to receive less amount of food in order to fit the new shape of the body.

 Diseases caused by obesity:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Sleep suffocation
  • Liver diseases
  • Gout
  • Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Type-two diabetes mellitus
  • Spine and joints inflammation (Arthritis)
  • Late pregnancy
  • Depression and low self-confidence.
  • Cancer

Types of weight loss operations:

There are a variety of ways to lose weight through surgeries performed by a group of experienced doctors in modern medical treatment centers. So let find out how to lose weight quickly through these surgeries:

1) Liposuction: it is considered one of the best weight loss operations because it is carried out on body areas chosen by the customers where fat is accumulated. It is done through the use of laser or ultrasound that dissolves the fat and turn it into a liquid state so that the body can get rid of it easily. Thus this operation helps the patients obtain a sculpted and graceful body that has no saggy skin.

2) Gastric balloon (IGB): it is considered as a simple bariatric operation, where it does not require surgery, but rather the use of anesthesia, then the doctor inserts the balloon through the mouth then the esophagus and then places it inside the stomach. It should be noted that this simple operation does not exceed half an hour. The balloon is then replaced after six months, because it contains salty water that helps the body feel full, which also limits the amount of food entering the stomach. However, why it also needs to be replaced is because the salty water will cause harm to the body.

3) Vertical sleeve gastrectomy: it is considered the fastest way to lose weight, and is the removal of part of the stomach by 75% and sometimes up to 85% of its size. The patient must follow a set of instructions to maintain his safety both before and after the operation, such as performing complete examinations and analyses, eating food in limited quantities, following a healthy diet and playing sports. People with excessive obesity resort to this operation because the other surgical operations did not meet their needs.

4) Gastric bypass: this process is considered one of the best weight loss operations because it is based on reducing food quantity and absorbing only 30% of it, in addition to activating the pancreas to work efficiently up to 10 times than before. This operation suits all groups of patients, whether they are suffering from excessive, moderate or mild obesity, thus it contributes to the treatment of diabetes patients.

5) Body sculpting: this process is carried out with two devices that help in dissolving fat, sculpting the body and tightening the skin. The first device is called Vaser, and it contributes to the breaking down and melting of fat and prevents the fat from forming again, in addition to its ability to tighten the skin and prevent sagging. The second device is the G plasma whose main task is to tighten the skin and stimulate the cells to produce collagen.

6) Gastric banding: it is one of the traditional operations that depends on incomplete separation of the stomach, by means of a silicon ring placed around its upper proportion that restricts the amount of food entering the stomach and gives the person a feeling of satiety.

 Recovery from obesity treatments and bariatric surgery:

We find that the success of weight loss operations is not only limited to undergoing an operation, but the patient should adhere to the doctor instructions and follow a healthy diet and a regular sport program.

As negligence and failure to adhere to the doctor instructions and follow a certain diet and exercise expose you to malnutrition and low levels of breakdown because the body does not get enough vitamins, salts and minerals sufficient for all its processes.

In addition, the bariatric surgery involves a large incision, and therefore requires a long time to recover. As for the stomach balloon, it does not need a long time to recover, since the operation is done by swallowing a capsule that turns into a balloon in the stomach and does not require the patient to stay in the hospital.

In contrast, we find that laparoscopic surgery requires a short time of recovery and much less stress than open weight loss surgeries.

However, the patient should think well about their options for the doctor who is specialized in the appropriate operation for him and the center where the operation will be held. He will also be asked to undergo a set of tests and analyses. The most important of which is checking the blood fluidity, examining the heart condition and tests for hypersensitivity. Finally, the strong will and permanent commitment to everything that keeps the body healthy and balanced protects the person from post-surgical risks. 

 Risks of weight loss surgery:

1. Initially, the risks of using anesthesia come at first because it may lead to a coma.

2.  The risks of bleeding during the operation and the possibility of clots.

3. The possible chronic nausea and vomiting that may happen to the patient after the operation.

4. The stomach blockage and regaining of the lost weight.

5. The possibility to develop vitamin deficiency due to malnutrition.

6. The risks of having fat on the liver when performing the surgery.

Weight loss surgery prices:

As a result of the above, we find that the prices of body weight loss operations depend on the type of the operation and the center providing the service, in addition to the doctor’s experience. The operations differ from one country to another, and Turkey is one of the cheapest places to undergo the operation.

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