The cosmetics domain has recently witnessed a substantial growth and great leaps on the global level. It constitutes a development force centered in Turkey that has started competing in all areas of cosmetic surgeries.

The cosmetics domain has recently witnessed a substantial growth and great leaps on the global level. It constitutes a development force centered in Turkey that has started competing in all areas of cosmetic surgeriesCosmetic operations have not been limited only to women, but they extended to include facial cosmetic surgeries for men before and after the operation. Turkish doctors did not stop at this point only, but they also played role in encouraging those who are interested in bikini cut cosmetic surgeries for women along with many others. So, to learn about the most important types of cosmetic surgeries and their costs, we recommend reading our article:

Types of plastic surgery:

There are many types of cosmetic surgeries, whether for the whole body or for the face, for men or for women, and all of these operations are meant to preserve youth that fades away with aging. So, let us find out this wide range of operations:

1)Body cosmetic surgeries:

The body cosmetic surgeries vary, and they are supervised by specialized and famous doctors in centers equipped with international medical technologies. These surgeries are divided into:

  • Liposuction operations to remove excess fat that the body cannot get rid of through diets and nutrition systems, and it is carried out by a tube inserted into an incision until the fat is broken down and suctioned. It also uses surgical techniques such as laser and ultrasound waves.
  •  As for arm sagging operations, the most important causes are aging, pregnancy, childbirth, and excessive skinniness of the body, which all lead to sagging and wrinkles. Thus, two important techniques are performed, which are laser and surgery.
  • Tummy tuck operations is considered a dilemma, where the patient tries to remove the fats through a surgery after failing to lose weight with diet. Therefore, incisions are made and the excess fat is removed, then the abdomen is tightened in proportion to the patient body, after which he needs two days of rest so that the body does not swell.
  • Body sculpting operations are used to remove fat from the navel, buttocks and abdomen, and they help to get rid of stress and embarrassment, and they are considered as safe operations.

2) Cosmetic surgeries for men:

Cosmetic surgery is not limited to women, but men have a big share of the operations. Here are some examples:

•   Hair transplant operations to treat baldness.

•   Operations to thicken the mustache and beard.

•   Chest hair transplantation is also one of the important operations for men.

Gynecomastia operations for men, which is an important surgical cosmetic treatment process.

•    There is also eyebrow surgery for men.

3) Facial cosmetic surgeries:

The face is one of the important aspects of beauty, where all facial cosmetic surgeries must be observed and examined before and after the operation to ensure that there are no risks, and they are completely successful. The operations are divided as follows:

  •  Facelift comes in the priority, and it depends on getting rid of the sagging and accumulated fat around the neck and jaws. The operation is done with threads and the most important types are (golden, knotted, prolene, Kog and Mono threads).
  •  Rhinoplasty, which is a treatment method such as cosmetic surgery for the broken nose, the wide nose, the bunny lines nose, and others.
  •  Eyelid lifts, especially for the elderly, due to the relaxation of this muscle and the accumulation of fat.
  •  Operations of lifting the eyebrows, beautifying the ears by making them larger or smaller, and augmenting or reducing the lips size by injection or fillers.

4) Breast cosmetic surgeries

They are considered one of the operations that reflect the beauty of the breast, and these operations are performed to improve the general appearance of the body, and there are four important operations:

  • Breast reduction surgery is done to get rid of the sagging that may affect the large breast in women for several factors, including pregnancy, childbirth and excessive obesity, and the most important techniques used is the laser technology.
  • Breast augmentation surgerywhere all types of fillings and implants are used to reach the required size, but before the operation, full breast examinations and analyses must be undergone.
  • Breast tightening surgery is done to make it more slender and beautiful. The existing sagging is caused from pregnancy, breastfeeding, obesity or aging.
  • Breast removal surgery, and it is done due to some diseases or deformities.

5) Cosmetic operations to remove the traces of wounds and burns

More likely, the patient is concerned about the possibility of treating wounds and burns in his body in a way that does not lead to visible traces or scars, so the patient resorts to cosmetic clinics to solve this problem:

  •  Different threads are used for wounds, with the necessity of closing the wound in a cosmetic way. This process is called ‘absorbable sutures’ or ‘magic stitching, which is stitching from inside the skin without external stitches, moreover, this stitching is not untied, but rather the threads dissolve in the body.
  • In addition, the doctor uses several methods to treat and straighten the scar area, such as lasers for certain degrees of burns and ointments for burns that contain silicone.
  • The use of compression plasters to straighten the area of ​​wounds and burns, and prevent the appearing of protrusion.
  • If the wound is big, a tissue expander or balloon is used to cover the traces of the wound, as well as the use of excess skin to cover the traces of burns.

Characteristics of cosmetic surgeries in Turkey:

Turkey is characterized by the presence of highly experienced medical crews, the increasing number of medical centers equipped with modern technologies and devices necessary to perform cosmetic operations, in addition to the following:

1. Turkey is also characterized by the low costs of operations compared to other countries that operate in the same field.

2. Turkey provides almost all of the cosmetic surgeries, from simple to complex.

3. Turkey is one of the most famous countries in cosmetic surgeries and hair transplantation.

4. You will enjoy the most beautiful tourist trip when you come to Turkey, as it contains a large number of tourist places and scenic landscapes.

5. You will also receive respectful attention and special treatment from the arrival to the airport until you return to your country, where it will remain a milestone in your mind.

Cosmetic surgeries and their costs in Turkey:

Turkey has been distinguished by offering the lowest costs for cosmetic surgeries in its centers, competing other centers all over the world. The reason is the professional doctors who work in this field. Furthermore, Turkey is a center of attraction for tourism. Here, medical centers provides the latest devices for the operation and the latest technologies.

What are the tips that should be directed to those who are about to undergo cosmetic surgery?

First, you have to make sure that you chose the right cosmetic surgery before you undergo it

Also, do not forget to consult a doctor who specialized in the operation you chose

Then choose the best center that provides the modern medical devices

Also, perform the necessary examinations and necessary analyses before undergoing the operation

Finally, adhere to the doctor instructions before and after the operation to ensure its success and avoid the dangers.

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