Do you have teeth troubles like yellowing, ulcers, or dental abrasions? Do you want to clean your teeth in a safe way removing the dental tartar? DO you want to have a smile like that of Hollywood stars? Have you ever tried to do teeth whitening? There are so many ways to get the Hollywood Smile

Do you have teeth troubles like yellowing, ulcers, or dental abrasions? Do you want to clean your teeth in a safe way removing the dental tartar? DO you want to have a smile like that of Hollywood stars? Have you ever tried to do teeth whitening? There are so many ways to get the Hollywood Smile using Chemicals, laser beam whitening, and ultrasonic waves. But these methods could not reach the required shade of color needed, hence those old methods had negative effects on teeth.

In our guide, you will find all the information you need about the Hollywood Smile, its pros and cons, its types and cost:

What is a Hollywood-Smile?

For Starter, it’s a set of cosmetic and medical procedures that help improving the shape, form, length, volume and color of teeth as well as treating teeth problems like dental abrasions, inflammations, misalignment, decay and many other problems. These procedures include installing porcelain veneers, where the Hollywood-Smile is built by bonding “0.5 cm thick – stains resistant” shells to the teeth on both the upper and lower jaw on the front side of the teeth giving a natural look, that is after ensuring the treatment of the other dental problems.

To know more about the Hollywood-Smile, Here are some of the common cosmetic Types:

Hollywood-Smile Types:

Dentists always recommend doing these types of surgeries to improve the look of teeth making the jaw more shape-compatible with the features of the face which can be acquired based on the budget of the patient, the type of shell to install, or the type of smile they choose, because cheap shells can cause many problems for teeth and can be more susceptible to breakage, while giving less natural look compared to better types as well.

The Removable Hollywood-Smile:

The advantages of the type is the ease of mounting and removing without the need for permanent bonding, hence it’s flexible and adjustable without the need for surgery. Usually it comes with a 0.5 cm thickness.


1. Doesn’t require surgery nor anesthetization.

2. Easily removable since it doesn’t require adhesives.

3. Counting as a good alternative for people who don’t wish to do Veneer or teeth whitening operations, it doesn’t have effects on the mouth, chewing or speaking and can be easily gotten used to.

The Fixed Hollywood-Smile:

A set of transparent solid shells made out of Veneer. These shells are made and then mounted individually on each of the teeth and are bonded using specified adhesives.


  • Composite Veneers: less expensive to modify without damaging it, but its hardness is less compared to Porcelain and ceramic veneer and its virtual life cycle is less.
  • Porcelain or Ceramic Veneer: Considered stronger and harder allowing for tougher chewing when compared to Composite Veneer and looks very familiar to natural teeth. It’s scratch resistant and can sustain pressure on natural teeth.


1. Improve the looks of teeth looking like natural teeth and can give a glowing-white-smile.

2. Long lasting with 10 years virtual life cycle.

3. No need to remove when eating hard food making it highly efficient.

The Method of a Hollywood Smile Operation:

The Steps of the Hollywood Smile:

1)First, the teeth are checked and ensured not to have any inflammations or decay; even if the person has the habit of Odontosynerismus, or teeth chattering, then the bonding of the Veneer shell or Luminaire can’t be done until the problem is treated.

2)The doctor has to check with the patient to choose the suitable operation and the materials used.

3)The doctor takes teeth measurements and sends them to the lab which takes a week or two to build, and then a small part of the enamel is carved.

4)Adding to the previous, the doctor files the enamel and treats the issues, then the shells are checked for compatibility with the teeth and that the teeth are not irritated by the shells.

The Benefits of a Hollywood Smile:

1)Having a Hollywood Smile means having a white smile like that of celebrities, where the Veneer helps whitening the teeth and makes them prettier.

2) Fixes teeth problems and defects hence it hides the coloring, and fills the cracks and cavities.

3)Protect the teeth from stains since the shells are made out of protective Veneer that suit the shape and color of teeth.

The Problems of a Hollywood Smile:

Every operation has benefits and problems, but caution is needed when dealing with the dangers of a Hollywood smile because undealt with troubles could lead to losing one’s teeth.

1. First of all, the shells might fall if the patient has bad habits like chewing, ice breaking using teeth, nail biting, or opening cans with teeth.

2. The shells made out of Veneer and Luminaire are of higher cost.

3.  The color of shells is not changeable after mounting so it’s better to choose the color and material carefully before mounting.

4. After removing parts of the enamel, the teeth can’t be brought back to its previous condition; also, the patient might be sensitive to soda and cold drinks.

5. On another hand, the Hollywood Smile is considered to be soft and easily susceptible to breaking being light weight. This reduces its virtual life cycle hence it requires removal when eating because of its weakness and breaking possibility.

The Cost for a Hollywood-Smile:

The patient always looks for high quality and a good price where the cost of the Fixed Hollywood Smile differs than that of the movable relative to the used material, the center or clinic, and the medical technology being used.

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