In order to know the cost of rhinoplasty, how to find the best plastic surgeon in Turkey and other information about these operations, we recommend reading our article

The beauty of the face revolves around the consistency and harmony of its organs, especially the nose, which is considered the main part of the face. In our societies, it is commonly known that therhinoplasty’ only deals with enlarging or reducing the size of the nose, and it is considered as a matter of luxury only. So, it is a very limited meaning to define it. In fact, operations are often done for therapeutic purposes to straighten and correct the shape of the nose to make it fit and suit with the other parts in the face.

If you desire to undergo such operations, it is recommended to go to Turkey because it is one of the most famous countries specialized in such operations. Rhinoplasty in Turkey is highly desirable as there are specialized crews and hospitals equipped with modern equipment. In order to know the cost of rhinoplasty, how to find the best plastic surgeon in Turkey and other information about these operations, we recommend reading our article:

What is the cosmetic surgery?

At first, when we say beautifying,’ it means improving something out of the ordinary to make it fit with the other organs in the face and finally get the results that make us feel comfortable and self-confident.

Rhinoplasty is a therapeutic process done to straighten and modify the shape of the nose, which means reshaping it in a way that suits the face. The operation is mainly done for a cosmetic purpose, while the second goal is, sometimes, to treat breathing problems and disorders, and sometimes to treat distortions or defects caused by some accidents.

Types of rhinoplasty in Turkey:

1) Rhinoplasty for men: these operations are performed for a therapeutic purpose such as nasal deviation of the nose and shortness of breath. Furthermore, the problem of deformation of the shape of the nose due to the growth of cartilage, as well as the large or small nose that seems as a defect which causes embarrassment.

2) Rhinoplasty for women: also the problem of a large, small or wide nose and their impact on the appearance of the face, in addition to having nasal deviations that affect the shape of the nose, making it unfitting for the face.

3) Nasal operations by injection: These operations are divided into four:

•  Laser rhinoplasty: this technique is based on cutting the tissues in order to treat the enlargement of the sebaceous glands (nasal glands), in addition to the process of removing adenoids, treating the large cartilage of the nasal septum, and sometimes reducing the size of nose.

• The process of injecting filler into the nose: people feel afraid of getting injected with fillers when hearing about it; however, it contributes greatly to correcting distortions through filling the spaces and cavities in the nose in a way that restores consistency and corrects it to make it look appropriate in the face. It should be known that operation takes between 15-30 minutes, and some examples are (Making the tip of the nose appear higher, flattening the bones, or correcting the angle, shape or size of the nose)

 Nasal Botox injection: on the other hand, this operation comes with fine medical needles used for injection in and around the nose for the purposes of: reducing the size of the nose, correcting the crooked nose, the low nose front tip, or correcting the widened nose due to laughter. However, the operation may lead to side effects such as redness and swelling, but they are minor symptoms that do not affect the shape of the nose and do not cause anything else.

 String Rhinoplasty: is one of the most important nose size reduction operations in Turkey, as it comes to help treat a deviation in one of the sides of the nose. The threads are inserted into the cartilage tissue to help raising it to the top, so that the shape of the nose becomes consistent with the rest parts of the face. In addition, it helps in correcting the nasal bridge to make it more straight, and also helps to reduce the size of the nose and reduce its front part. Hence, it is one of the most famous rhinoplasty operations in Turkey.

Rhinoplasty surgeries:

1) Rabbit nose-like rhinoplasty: The nose shape is similar to the shape of the rabbit nose, and the treatment is for the tip of the nose, its width, or its bridge.

2) Snug-nose rhinoplasty: this problem causes chronic inflammation in the nose, as well as shortness of breath and snoring. This surgery is done to remove the blockage and divide the nasal cavity into two separate parts.

3) Long nose rhinoplasty: the tip seem very protruding forward, and these visible and enlarged areas are carved from the bone and cartilage tissue to reduce and improve the shape of the nose.

4) Wide nose rhinoplasty: the problem lies in the middle part of ​​the nose, and different techniques are used to reduce the nose size and treat this problem.

5) Big nose rhinoplasty: the big size is removed by slimming the nose by lifting the skin and isolating it from the bones, tissues, and the cartilage. Then the bones and cartilage are reshaped and finally the skin is restored to its place.

6) Fleshy nose rhinoplasty: in this case, it is known that there is a thick skin, but the cartilages of the nose are frail and thin. The treatment is done by removing the intended cartilage in the middle of the nasal septum, and using it to strengthen the tip of the nose so that it does not return to its former shape.

7) Nasal shape reconstruction due to accidents: where accidents and diseases sometimes lead to deformation in the shape of the nose. It is reconstructed through grafts that correct its shape, but this process is characterized by accuracy and it requires a skilled and specialized surgeon.

8) Closed nose rhinoplasty: the incisions inside the nose are also hidden without external scars, then the soft tissues are raised a little higher so that the doctors can reach the bones and cartilage and make the necessary changes.

9) Open nose rhinoplasty: this process needs accuracy because it is done through making superficial cuts in the front of the nose between the two nostrils and then lifting the skin and making the necessary changes for that.

Rhinoplasty prices in Turkey:

There are many questions about how much does rhinoplasty cost in Turkey?

Such operations vary according to their type and the center in which it will be performed, in addition to the experienced doctor who will perform it. And it is worth mentioning that Dr. Resit Burak Kayan is one of the most famous and most skilled doctors in this field.

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